Digista on IoT-Conference | Holograms and Mixed Realities

5. November 2019

Contemporary progress in mobile augmented reality technologies has already introduced novel pervasive displays, such as Microsoft’s HoloLens, which allows to display mixed realities containing tangible real and “intangible” holographic objects. In order to allow prototyping and probing such seemingly near-future (urban) interaction experiences, we built a system, which combines a mobile phone with Microsoft’s HoloLens and enables exemplary interaction techniques to manipulate “holograms” by combining the capabilities of both these personal and mobile devices. In this paper, we first describe details of this system and then report on a study with 12 participants probing participants’ experiences and expectations of a future urban mixed material space. Results of a thematic analysis highlight a two-sided view, in which despite some “fears” of radical change, which may cause a disparity of what (materials) matter more, participants demonstrated a desire to benefit from material complementarity.